What the Heck?!

I just realized that I have not posted since August! I promised myself that I would be a better blogger – I failed! Between creating videos for YouTube and life in general, I guess blogging has fallen through the proverbial cracks! So if I make any resolutions for 2020, I guess ‘better blogging’ should head the list!

So let’s see, what’s new? Well I reached a milestone on YouTube: one thousand+ subscribers. That was a thrill because I have worked very hard to build my channel following there. YouTube is the place where I connect the most with the folks who enjoy watching me create my art, and I am very appreciative of all the support I have gotten from my subscribers. If you haven’t visited my channel, you can jump over there from HERE, or click on my Videos page here at the blog to preview some of my videos.

I started a YouTube challenge of altering a deck of playing cards. I have a bunch of great YouTube creators who have joined in that, and its been a blast to see what they are doing with their altered cards. The hashtag we are using is #ytcardchallenge

Some are posting videos to YouTube and others are posting on Instagram. Here is my latest video for the challenge . . .

My latest additions to my Altered Playing Card Challenge

I recently opened a Patreon account. I am working with a retiree’s income and replenishing art supplies can be difficult. Patreon will allow me to exchange art work, exclusive videos, and more with my patrons while their pledges will help me replenish my supplies and continue to make YouTube videos for my subscribers as well as exclusive content just for my patrons. I have established three very affordable levels of support, so if you are so inclined, I would appreciate it if you took a look to see if that is something of interest to you. PATREON

I have much of my work available for purchase on my web site if you would like to take a look here: Sally Van Nuys, Artist Studio

Okay, I think I’ve caught you up on the major things that have happened. I will try so hard to be better at bringing you the week-to-week stuff going on and some thoughts about life in the studio and other tidbits of interest. If you are an artist and you would like to be featured here on my blog, please get in touch so we can plan something big together!

PS – If you have a YouTube channel and would like to collaborate, I am always looking for new chances to team up with fellow artists and create some fun projects to share on YouTube!

So that’s it my friends . . .

In The Meantime ~~ Go Make Some Art! Bye!

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