Altered Playing Cards

Earlier this year, I threw out a challenge to my YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers for an altered playing card challenge. No hard and fast rules…just play and sharing. It’s a personal challenge to see how many you can make before you get tired and bored. To my surprise, those who have accepted the challenge have become addicted to the process. Most of them have already far exceeded what I have done!

It has been so much fun to see their posts and watch their progress. I don’t think anyone is stopping anytime soon. I decided to use a deck of Old Maid cards that belonged to my kids in the 80s. Each time I pull some out to work on, I am reminded of how fast our kids grow up! I remember playing Old Maid for hours with them, and how mad my son would get if he ended the game as the old maid. They just make me smile.

Now they will be hanging in my studio as small works of art and I will have the memories of transforming them from an old, cast off deck of kids cards to something I love to look at, and which gave me joy to create.

This is a video of the last three I created. I hope you enjoy watching and maybe you’ll join us and make some for yourself. It’s a quick, easy project that anyone can do. And it’s a great way to use up all those scraps you’ve been hoarding “in case you need it someday!” And if you care to share, use the hashtag #ytcardchallenge on any social media where you share your little masterpieces.

Altered Playing Cards #ytcardchallenge

If this ends up being my last post for 2019, I want to wish you each a happy new year. I hope it brings you good health, love of family, and whatever your heart desires.

In the meantime, Go Make Some Art! Bye…

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