Goals Really Work! Milestones Hit…

Back at the turn of the new year, someone in a YouTube live stream asked me what my resolutions were. I am a terrible resolution keeper! But I’ve been working hard to share a lot of my art with my YouTube subscribers, so I told him I am not making resolutions, but I have set some goals. My goals were to pass the 2k subscriber mark, and to get enough watch hours to monetize my channel (4k) by April 30.

At that time, I had just past the 1k subscriber mark and I had about 1500 watch hours. It seemed like a lofty goal, but it helped motivate me to work extra hard after I publicly stated those goals. I promoted the heck out of my channel, subscribed to other like channels and became a good, loyal subscriber to them by watching their videos, commenting on them, and sharing their successes. In turn, those creators began to do the same for me. I was on a roll, and it felt so good.

I would just turn on my camera daily as I worked in the studio, collecting footage of the various pieces that I created. Soon, I was uploading process videos almost daily. The editing added to my time, but I actually enjoy that part of sharing my work. I was invited to be part of an art hop with a group of YouTube artists, and that helped push me ahead quite a bit.

Long story short, this past week, I achieved both of my goals well ahead of my stated end date. It took about 30 hours for YouTube to review my channel and I am now monetized. I’m excited…not because I have any expectations of making much money, but because I achieved the goals I set for myself (with a lot of help from my friends.)

I am currently running a celebration giveaway on my channel. All the entry details are in this video:


I really wanted everyone to celebrate with me, so I created a free digital download pack containing ten of my original backgrounds.

If you would like to grab that download, head over to my web site, HERE, and download it for free!

So, I guess the moral of my story is, even at my ripe old age, setting goals and working toward them really works! If you are one of my subscribers, thank you for all your help and support. If you aren’t subscribed to my channel, I welcome you to click on over and have a look…I am closing in on 200 art process videos, so I am pretty sure you’ll find something you like!

And in the Meantime….Go Make Some Art! ~Bye

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