Are You a Planner? Yeah, Me Neither!

I don’t plan anything – almost nothing. I have had this Day Runner planner sitting around for about 10 years. I used it very little – I never remembered to write in it, and when I did write in it, I forgot to look at it. Yeah, like I said, not a planner. I very seldom ever plan my art either. I work very intuitively almost all of the time. So, it just made sense to me to upcycle this old planner into an art journal!

I made it up as I went along (no plan.) I just did what came to me as I approached each step. I think it turned out great, and now instead of planning, I can just pull this little journal out of my bag while I am on the go or waiting around for something or someone and journal away.

Here is the YouTube video of the upcycling process. I hope enjoy watching.

Upcycle an old planner – you need an art journal more!

So there ya go – if you aren’t a planner either, but you tried and have an old planner laying around, make a journal! I am going to get a heck of a lot more use out of this now! Upcycling makes so much sense to me!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you’ve upcycling lately.

And in the Meantime, Go Make Some Art . . . Bye!