Lots of Arting Going On!

img_7107In this brave, new world, there is a lot of arting going on. We have all taken to staying in and being productive. Yes, it’s scary and lonely and isolating. But, it is also a very productive time when we have less outside distractions and activities to keep us from making art. No more dropping the paint brush because it’s time to take the kids to baseball practice (sadly) or it’s time to run out the door to go grocery shopping or run errands. At least for me, everything gets done quicker online and I am right back to my studio space making art.

The uncertainty of this time has made me braver. I am willing to just go for it and say the hell with it! I am NOT squandering art supplies because maybe I can’t get out to replenish them. I am NOT saving substrates for the perfect project. I am NOT worried about making something with no mistakes. I am simply making art for the sake of making art. It is therapeutic and soothing. It is rewarding and fun. It is not scary and it makes me brave! I can forget the world for a few hours and just enjoy the process — no TV or radio to distract me with all the sad news. My playlist is giving me the beats I need to dance around the studio (alone) and just let it all go to God. The worries, frustrations, and isolation can just be gone for a few hours and I can dance and create and be me again!

Here are just a few of the things I’ve created in the last couple of weeks. I paint in the studio during the day, and in the evenings while I watch my favorite Netflix shows, I sketch in my sketchbooks in front of the TV.

My YouTube channel helps me stay connected to artist friends and others who I have come to know and love through YouTube. It’s a place where you can choose your own community and bond together through common interests. I am so thankful I started my channel long before this virus decided to invade our lives, otherwise, I would feel very differently right now. Why? Because I wouldn’t have that community to interact with or to share the art I am making. I wouldn’t have those fellow artists and art students to converse with, to find out how they are doing in their parts of the world. And, I wouldn’t have anyone to share my art with – good or bad, it doesn’t even matter. Sharing is the best part of making! And I’ve been granted Channel Memberships now, so I have an even better way to share and give to folks who like what I do, and want to do it themselves. I am a ‘teacher’ by nature – I love to share and teach what I know and love, hoping that it brings as much joy and satisfaction to others as it does to me. I think that is what art should be!

What keeps you distracted from the sadness in the world? Tell me – I really want to know!

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, do it safely and be well.

And in the Meantime, Go Make Some Art!

One thought on “Lots of Arting Going On!

  1. Karyn says:

    Lovely work Sally! Can’t send you pictures of what I’ve been up to. Your blog page won’t let me. So….. been in a mixed media kick lately. I’ll message them to you. Stay safe my friend ❤️


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