It’s Almost Over … Good Bye 2019

Did this year go by fast, or what? Maybe it’s my age, but time flies by and I am so grateful to have my art to keep me busy and productive. Every day, you will find me in the studio doing something or other. This past year, I have really done a lot more mixed media and art journaling. It’s my new favorite! However, I am starting to miss painting and I plan to do more acrylic painting next year.

I also began cold wax and oils this year and while I enjoy it a lot, I get a little tired of abstracts all the time. So, plans for 2020 also include more cold wax painting in a less abstract genre. It seems like it will be difficult, so we will see how that goes.

I completed work in my large Dylusions journal the other day. It was hugely satisfying to finish it up. I won’t miss working in it though because my sweet daughter bought me a spanking new one for Christmas! So a new one waits for me when I am ready. One of the most exciting things about that is planning a new cover design! Yes, you heard right…I am actually planning something. If you follow me, you know I work intuitively and rarely plan anything! It’s just how I like to work. If you would like to see the last few pages being done, those videos are here:

Mixed Media Christmas

Custom collage tissue pages

My next big venture is to start live streaming some art sessions on YouTube. I have no idea how I will do it but I am going to get set up and try. I recently hit the 1k subscriber milestone on my channel, and now I will work on watch time so that I can monetize my channel. That will take a while, but it will help me replenish art supplies. In the meantime, I do have a tip jar and I just started a Patreon account. No patrons yet, but I am hopeful! My Patreon page

So to those of you who follow, thank you so much for doing so! I hope your holidays are the best ever, and that 2020 brings all you hope it will!

And in the meantime….Go Make Some Art! Bye!

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