Was January Really Only 31 Days?

Was January just the longest month ever? At my age, the months usually pass so quickly, I can’t believe it. But January 2020 seemed to be 75 days long at least. Maybe it was the endless string of dark, dreary days filled with rain and a bit of snow, but no real winter weather. Sure, it was cold but not wintry cold with pretty snowfalls, but rather grey skies and puddles of rain and slush. Yuck! Today, the sun shone brightly and the stupid groundhog saw his shadow…six more weeks of winter? Well in Ohio, that’s a given regardless of groundhog shadows. But it was nice to see the sun, plus it was almost 50 degrees. Unheard of for an Ohio day in February. But it gave me a boost to actually get some things done, like a blog post.

January was full of art projects for me. My YouTube channel has grown significantly and my subscribers seem to really enjoy my videos. I’ve done mixed media, as usual, but also offered up some other fun art projects to try, like this huge piece of collage paper.

I have quite a few creators who are participating in my altered, playing card challenge, too. Want to see them? Just search #ytcardchallenge on You Tube or Instagram. It’s so interesting to see how each person creates cards entirely differently than the next.

Speaking of creating, it’s time for me to get in the studio and do some of that myself. So, until next time, go make some art!

2 thoughts on “Was January Really Only 31 Days?

  1. Karyn says:

    Flew by for me! I participate in a fun a day art show in January where you create a piece of art daily culminating in a show in February. Plus I spent two weeks in Florida. We’re in the home stretch now…….. come on spring!


    • Hey there…sounds like you were really busy! That always make days go faster. I’d love to see the art you made for the art show…is it online anywhere? I’m really ready for spring, but in Ohio that’s usually about May…seems like a long way off. Take care, my friend!


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